John Ridley Joins the Fight for Film Tax Incentives in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s film production scene is receiving a significant boost, thanks to the advocacy of John Ridley, an Oscar-winning Wisconsin native and acclaimed filmmaker. Ridley, known for his powerful storytelling in “12 Years a Slave,” is now turning his attention to a new mission: advocating for enhanced tax incentives to attract film studios and networks to Wisconsin. This effort aligns with Action! Wisconsin to make Wisconsin a premier destination for filmmakers.

During his meeting with Governor Tony Evers at Milwaukee’s No Studios, Ridley shared his vision of Wisconsin’s potential in the film industry. He highlighted the economic and cultural benefits states like Georgia have reaped by fostering a welcoming environment for film production. Ridley’s involvement brings a unique perspective, drawing on his extensive experience in various filming locations, including Ohio and Toronto. He emphasized the transformative impact that film production can have on local economies, from creating diverse job opportunities to revitalizing communities.

No disrespect to the great state of Ohio [where we just filmed] but I would say to folks why aren't we spending this money in the state of Wisconsin?

Ridley’s commitment to this cause is a significant boon for Wisconsin’s efforts to become a new hub for film production. His advocacy is not just about bringing Hollywood closer to home but also about driving economic growth and enriching the cultural landscape of Wisconsin. With influential figures like Ridley on board and support from political leaders like Governor Evers, Wisconsin is steadily moving towards a future where it can proudly host major film projects, benefiting its communities in myriad ways.

Watch the WISN interview with Ridley here!

About Action Wisconsin!

Action! Wisconsin is a coalition of businesses and individuals working to bring Film and Television investment into communities, large and small, across the state.