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Have a news story about how film incentives that could affect your neck of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin State Assembly introduces Bill 1125 as a companion to Senate Bill 1026

bill creates tax credits for film production and creates a State Film Office, attached to the Department of Tourism. The¬†Wisconsin¬†State Assembly has recently introduced a …

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Wisconsin’s New Film Incentive Bill Sparks Excitement and Hope for the Future

Wisconsin’s legislative landscape has a growing interest in local film and TV production, thanks to the promising new Senate Bill 1026 proposing economic incentives for …

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Kenosha votes to support Senate Bill 1026

The Kenosha City Council voted 13-1 last Wednesday night to support Senate Bill 1026, marking a step forward for Wisconsin’s efforts to help grow its …

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Local Incentives Lead the Way

Superior, Wisconsin’s Tourism Development Commission has teamed up with the Upper Midwest Film Office to offer a 25% rebate on lodging and catering for film …

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For immediate release: Bi-partisan bill proposes establishment of a State Film Office and tax incentives for film and television production in the state of WI

Action! Wisconsin calls upon arts advocates to express their support of these bills.

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Top Chef in Wisconsin is a Feast for the Economy and Tourism

Top Chef, the acclaimed cooking competition show, now airing on Netflix, has set its latest battleground in the heart of Wisconsin. Known for its high-stakes …

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Global Film Incentive Update: A Recent Roundup

The Entertainment Partners’ article, “Production Incentives Update: July 2023,” offers a global perspective on the evolving film incentive landscape. It details significant changes in U.S. …

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Insights from Florida: A Relevant Perspective for Wisconsin’s Film Incentive Efforts

We recently came across an insightful article from the Tampa Bay Times, highlighting Florida’s approach to film incentives. This piece offers a compelling perspective that …

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John Ridley Joins the Fight for Film Tax Incentives in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s film production scene is receiving a significant boost, thanks to the advocacy of John Ridley, an Oscar-winning Wisconsin native and acclaimed filmmaker. Ridley, known …

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