Insights from Florida: A Relevant Perspective for Wisconsin’s Film Incentive Efforts

We recently came across an insightful article from the Tampa Bay Times, highlighting Florida’s approach to film incentives. This piece offers a compelling perspective that resonates with Action! Wisconsin’s efforts in our state. As we advocate for tax incentives and a film office to attract film production, understanding the successes and challenges faced by others in this arena is invaluable.

A cautionary tale

The article discusses Florida’s decline in film production due to the absence of state film incentives and the dissolution of its Office of Film and Entertainment. It highlights the state’s fall from being a top destination for production work to not making the top 20 list, attributing this to the lack of incentives. The article also explores the economic impact of this decline and compares Florida’s situation with other states that have successful incentive programs, emphasizing the importance of such programs in attracting big-budget films and supporting local economies.

These insights can help us refine our approach in Wisconsin, ensuring we learn from the experiences of others. By studying how different states like Florida navigate film incentives, we can better tailor our efforts to make Wisconsin an attractive destination for filmmakers.

Read the article here!

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