Global Film Incentive Update: A Recent Roundup

The Entertainment Partners’ article, “Production Incentives Update: July 2023,” offers a global perspective on the evolving film incentive landscape. It details significant changes in U.S. states like New Mexico, California, and Minnesota, each adapting their tax incentives to attract film production. The article also touches on international updates from Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. This comprehensive overview is particularly beneficial for Wisconsin, providing key insights into how different regions are successfully drawing film projects and the economic impacts of these incentives.

For Wisconsin, these insights are invaluable as we consider enacting similar tax incentives. Understanding the diverse approaches and adjustments made by other regions can guide Wisconsin in developing a competitive and effective incentive program. The article serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of the film industry and the need for strategic planning in incentive structures.

For a detailed understanding of these global film incentive trends and their implications, the full article can be read here.

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