Local Incentives Lead the Way

Superior, Wisconsin’s Tourism Development Commission has teamed up with the Upper Midwest Film Office to offer a 25% rebate on lodging and catering for film crews. While we await news on the recent bill submitted to the State Legislature to bring similar incentives state wide, local efforts like Superior’s prove the case of how badly these incentives are needed statewide.

Film productions bring significant economic benefits, as seen with the filming of “Merry Kiss Cam” in Duluth, which generated over 900 hotel nights. Superior’s incentives promise similar boosts, encouraging crews to explore and invest in local businesses. Riki McManus of the Upper Midwest Film Office praises this development, highlighting how it addresses the lodging and catering challenges that can deter large productions.

This will put heads in Superior beds

This initiative serves as a compelling model for the rest of Wisconsin. By embracing film production incentives, towns and cities across the state can attract diverse projects, benefiting from the economic and cultural enrichment that comes with them. It’s an opportunity to showcase Wisconsin’s unique landscapes and communities to a global audience.

The revival of film incentives in Wisconsin could stimulate growth, create jobs, and highlight the state’s beauty and diversity. As we advocate for the expansion of these programs, we envision a future where every part of Wisconsin can thrive through the art and business of film and video.

Read the original article at the Superior Telegram to lean more!

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