Wisconsin State Assembly introduces Bill 1125 as a companion to Senate Bill 1026

bill creates tax credits for film production and creates a State Film Office, attached to the Department of Tourism.

The Wisconsin State Assembly has recently introduced a new bill, serving as a companion to the already discussed State Senate Bill 1026. This legislative effort continues the push towards enhancing the regulatory framework within the state, focusing on crucial areas of public concern and governance. The bill aims to streamline processes, address critical issues faced by residents, and implement reforms that are in line with the state’s long-term objectives. As such, it represents an important step forward in the ongoing dialogue between lawmakers, stakeholders, and the general public, regarding the future direction of Wisconsin’s legislative agenda.

The introduction of this bill is not just a procedural step but a call to action for all of us who are eager to see substantive changes in Wisconsin’s support of actors, directors, videographers, and all professionals involved in the creative process. By attracting outside productions to the state and establishing a dedicated film office to liaise and manage these projects, the legislation aims to inject vitality into the local economy and showcase Wisconsin’s diverse talent and scenic beauty on a national and international stage. To make this vision a reality, it’s imperative to actively support the bill by contacting your representatives. 

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